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Anonymous said: Did you start getting more appointments once you got a duo partner?

Yes. At least in my area, duos seem to be a hot seller. I see my duo partner at least once a week. But I’ve done duos or have duos scheduled with five different providers in my area. So some of the increase in business is because my main duo partner has been in the business for quite some time, she has many clients. I guess the point I’m trying to make is if two relatively unknown providers offer duos, you might not increase your business that much.

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Okay, so due to my recent glut of cancellations, I decided to post a cancellation policy on my website. It’s not something I normally have a huge issue with but quite frankly, it’s really annoying. Not only that but can end up costing me money (hotel, wine, special requests for toys and lingerie).

Does anyone else have a cancellation policy? How successful is this policy? Do people give you shit about it or just do it?

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Being 400 miles away from college meant I was often excluded from family issues. I rarely heard about my parents’ fights or financial problems… which quite frankly was a relief. However, being home for summer meant witnessing it all firsthand, again.

My mom has this sort of… I don’t know what to…

I’m so sorry this is happening to you.  I have never been in this situation so I won’t pretend to know.  However, I have had to give all my money that was saved for tuition to my Mom.  I would say, do NOT take a private loan.  Talk to your financial aid office.  If you have no more subsidized loans left, there is something called a disadvantaged student loan which I had to get ironically in the amount of $5000 one year. It is great, no interest until after deferment and the interest isn’t bad. Don’t drop out. School is your escape. After college move away and don’t look back. You may think you are helping by staying but the only thing that happens when you stick around trying to help but it may drag you down.

Also, ask if they do work study programs at your school. I was fortunate enough to get a lot of scholarships for undergrad but still had to make monthly tuition payments. So to help, they hired me to work in the cafeteria and paid me a decent wage so I could then pay my tuition.

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Oh my god, I just want to scream. The guy who contacted me last night for a duo with the out of town provider is a bastard. He emails and canceled because her flight got delayed because of the Boston tornado. So? I can still come to the appointment. I pushed back my other evening appointment especially for him and he was like “oh, sorry. I guess I got too overzealous.” Then he said he’d make it up to me next time. I told him I’d make him pay a 25% nonrefundable deposit and he got all offended.

Then my fucking three hour duo got canceled for tomorrow and my duo partner is going to be pissed because she normally doesn’t work Tuesdays. She made special arrangements for this client. He’s normally not flaky but wtf, dude.

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Anonymous said: Try Prilosec OTC! I've had reallyy bad acid reflux on and off for years and within 3 days of taking it my acid reflux was totally gone. I swear by this thing. Good luck, hope you feel better xx.

I don’t think it’s just reflux. But Prilosec is a good medication. I try not to take proton pump inhibitors anymore, especially long term because it can lead to osteoporosis.

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Anonymous said: Do/Did you ever grow hair on your butt or butthole? Have you ever had black head like things on your breasts? Do you know how to get ridof either?!?! HELP PLEASE.

Everyone has hair in their buttcrack. It’s human nature, we’re animals. I have blonde hair so I just shave it. If I miss a bit, no big deal. But I used to get Brazilians before I did the laser hair removal. You could do that.

As far as the blackheads, idk. I never had had that problem. Try some acne wash maybe?

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Anonymous said: I just found out that an escort that I used to see regularly is now in prison (for a non-prostitution-related white-collar crime). I was her client for over a year until I moved out of her area, and we had a friendly relationship somewhat beyond the parameters of our sexual/financial arrangement (i.e. we socialized outside of "work" a few times, she would hang out at my place or even sleep over without charging me, etc.). Should I write to her, or would this be inappropriate?

Umm…this is kind of a weird situation. She might be happy to have some correspondence from someone she used to know. But who knows? I guess you can always try and see what happens

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Anonymous said: i'm a waitress at a bikini bar and i recently had a customer approach me asking if i had ever considered being paid for domination. he gave me his number and said he would pay me 300 an hour to let him suck my toes and for me to pee on him. i'm really considering it... but idk do you think this sounds legit? thanks for any and all help, love your blog xox

Maybe? I’d definitely have him pay you upfront. Don’t do anything until you have the money.

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I just got booked for an appointment, they guy wants a duo but the duo is with someone who is from out of town. I looked her up, she looks great. I’m kind of excited because I won’t lie, I’ve only had sex with Caucasian women. I’ve never really had the chance to have sex with other women. This should be fun :)

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