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Anonymous said: Hi, since you mention you take magnesium supplements. What else supplements and nutrition products do you take? Thank you!!

I take Magnesium sometimes if I’m having a particularly bad episode of palpitations. If I have to go on antibiotics then I’ll take probiotics during that time. Otherwise, I don’t take much else. I drink Core Power protein shakes.

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Anonymous said: I'm just starting out and I thought it was a good idea to do specials for reviews. How do tho make sure the clients actually review you?

You can’t guarantee anything, that’s kind of the problem with running specials. I ran a special when I first started, in the hopes that I would get reviews. Nope, I didn’t receive one single review from that special. I just waited it out and eventually the reviews started to come.

But I suppose it depends on where you live. Certain areas are much more active on TER than others. And generally speaking, the higher your donation, the less reviews you’ll receive. Many clients have told me they hate writing reviews because TER is so strict about having all the juicy details and they would rather keep things private. Or they simply are busy and don’t have time to write them.

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Anonymous said: What do you think about ordering medications offline?

I would not do that. How do you know where these medications are coming from? How do you know what’s really in there? Certain medications need to be stored at certain temperatures and you have no way of guaranteeing that. It just seems like a bad idea to me, personally.

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Anonymous said: So u had ubpunprotected sex with somebody? Why aren't you freaking out? I'd flip shit and get all tests done!

No, I had protected sex and the condom slipped off. There’s a difference, you fucking idiot. Perhaps the condom slipped off as he pulled out, I’m not sure. But he came on my back after he pulled out so the amount of bodily fluids swapped was minimal. We were only in that position for two minutes, maybe.

I’m not freaking out because why should I? It’s not going to change anything. Also, you apparently know nothing about STDs so let me educate you. You can take antibiotics prophylactically, which I have done. As for the other things (HIV, Hep C (I’m immune to Hep A and B) and Syphilis), you don’t test positive immediately, it can take weeks or months to show up in your system. I could do a rapid HIV test but I see no need for that. The possibility of me getting HIV from him is low, 0.1%. Syphilis is quite rare these days and Hep C isn’t easily transmitted via sexual intercourse, it’s transmitted more often through blood.

I last got tested the first week of June so I’ll wait until my next quarterly draw which would be the beginning of September.

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Anonymous said: Wow, this is no offense to you as I know from reading this blog, but what kind of a guy has unprotected sex with a pro? Even by accident, the guy should have said something asap. At least apologized... Damn, has to make you wonder how dirty his dick is. Hope you never see him again

Well I think he was probably a bit embarrassed. His penis was only the smaller side so that probably contributed to the slippage. But that doesn’t excuse the fact that he knew the condom slipped off and didn’t tell me. Had I not been so cognizant, I would have had zero clue it was inside me. It could have caused an infection and that’s not cool.

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Anonymous said: Whats zithromax? Is is almost like the morming after pill?

No, it’s an antibiotic for gonorrhea and chlamydia. I’m going to dose myself for peace of mind.

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I saw my afternoon client. Everything was going fine til the end. He was fucking me doggy with my legs closed. It kind of became uncomfortable and I thought maybe I was getting dry.

He pulled out and came on me, but I didn’t hear the condom snap off. He went to shower and I searched for the condom. Then I squatted down and felt it in my vagina! I pulled it out but he never said a fucking word about it! What a dick.

1000 mg of Zithromax here I come. Ugh :(

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Anonymous said: I read that you said 20 is too young for a PAP? I had my first one at 16? I thought you got them after you became sexually active no matter your age? Im 18 and I have had 2 done. Why 21? Just curious

I’m not exactly sure when the guidelines changed but as far back as the last three years, the recommendation has been not to do paps until age 21. A pap and a pelvic exam are two different things. A pap is the collection of tissue from the cervix. A pelvic exam is an exam with a speculum, looking at the cervix and vagina. Pelvic exams may need to be done if there is concern for a STD or another issue. 

The guideline is that paps aren’t done until 21 years of age or after because research found that young girls were getting cervical tissue removed because it might be precancerous, which can affect your ability to carry a child in the future (friable cervical tissue). To top it off, many young women are able to clear the HPV viruses within a year or two. So basically all these LEEP procedures were being done when there was no reason for it to happen in the first place.

Even the recommendation has changed for older women (over 21). You only need a pap every three years. That doesn’t mean that you don’t need to see the gyno and get checked each year though.

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Anonymous said: I'm sorry, but NO ONE is going to pay 10k for someone's virginity. They will promise it because the seller is young and they think the girl is stupid, but they won't follow through.

Yeah, that’s what I was really worried about. I don’t think there is any way that you could guarantee you’d get the money.

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Anonymous said: I made an SA profile a couple of days ago and perhaps 15-20 men have messaged me & of those, I've replied to 8-ish. I feel like I should be more selective in some way when choosing who to respond to & who I will eventually meet up with. Im new to this so I was just wondering what criteria you think I should be looking for when selecting these men. They have all been premium members so far with relatively high net worths (or so they say), so I'm not sure which of them are worth speaking to

It’s really hard to choose, I think. I guess pick those who have qualities or profiles you like the best. Yes, you want someone who will give you a great allowance but you also want someone that you can actually converse with, have a good time. If you’re totally miserable and he treats you like shit, then what’s the point? No money is worth that.

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