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I’m way too annoyed today by assholes. I need to think of happy things.

So I’ve never really liked getting my pussy licked. Before I was a sexworker, I probably had my pussy licked maybe 10 times. And it wasn’t because I was shy or anything, I just didn’t like it, it didn’t feel good.

But Korean came over yesterday and made history, seriously. haha! The first time he ate me out, I told him exactly what I liked. He was a really quick learner. He is the only person who has been consistently able to make me orgasm from oral. He laughs at me because he can tell exactly how much I’m enjoying it. When I get aroused, I get strawberry colored spots on my skin because I’m so pale. Usually it’s relegated to my chest and my face.

When he eats me out, it’s out of control. The spots spread even down into my fingers and onto my thighs. I can only imagine what my blood pressure must be. But it’s like the single most intense thing, it lasts for 30 seconds, I swear.

But I’ve never come from oral more than once in a day. He licked my pussy twice yesterday and the second time, holy shit. I was on the edge of orgasm for what felt like five minutes. I felt like I wasn’t even in my body! It was so crazy.

Text 18 Sep 12 notes A New Low, Apparently

There is a hobby board in my area and a few of the “gentleman” have decided they are going to start reviewing their SA.com dates, posting their profiles, phone numbers, real names, etc.

What in the fuck. I’m emailing the moderator and if he doesn’t ban these morons, I don’t even know.

Photo 18 Sep 43 notes A little Agent Provocateur in the morning :)

A little Agent Provocateur in the morning :)

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Anonymous said: They appear very small in proportion to the rest of your body.


All breasts are perfect breasts. 

I love when men try to use the whole “they don’t look proportional to your body” line. Guess what dumbfuck, human bodies are not perfectly proportional. Most women have one breast larger than the other, many men have one testicle that sits lower than the other. We are not made by cookie cutters.

And the reason so many women are “proportional” these days are because implants are on the rise, because of dicks who make women feel bad about their natural bodies, probably.

via In Time.
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Anonymous said: I'm looking to get into the escort business and I was just curious-have you ever gotten into trouble legal-wise?

Nope. I’m not saying that it could never happen but I’m very thorough with my screening, I go with my gut, and I only frequent upscale establishments (hotels, etc.) I have two duo partners, one has been in this business 11 yrs, the other for 7 and neither of them have run into trouble.

Basically stay off BP, screen, don’t get desperate for appointments and take a guy who seems fishy, and don’t stay at shitty hotels. Those things will help minimize the risk.

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Anonymous said: How do you pay taxes on the money? Do you make up a fake job to say it comes from or how do you go about it?

I have my own LLC. Obviously I cannot say I am an escort so I have a different, albeit similar business model. It is a big job trying to manage an LLC but it’s really the only way to do things. Just keep in mind that approximately 30% of your income will go to taxes right off the bat and you should make quarterly estimated tax payments.

Text 17 Sep 14 notes My apartment manager

I’m so glad I’m moving out. I fucking hate him. Like I get murderous tendencies when I get within 50 feet, I’m serious. I technically have my apartment for another 45 days because even though I’m leasing month to month, I had to give them 60 days notice.

This morning at fucking 10 am he emails me to tell me he is going to show my apartment at 10:30 am tomorrow. I have a fucking appointment, bro. No way! So I tell him nope, try again.

He gets all huffy and emails me that he gave me 24 hr notice. So I ripped him a new one via email. What a dick. It’s not my problem that the company has decided not to have a model apartment to show potential renters.

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I was so hungry because I was too busy and forget to eat breakfast. I just ate a whole Subway footlong sandwich. I feel like I’m going to explode.

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Poledance Girl http://poledance-girls.tumblr.com/

Inspiration to stretch today! One day, Machine Gun, one day…..


Poledance Girl http://poledance-girls.tumblr.com/

Inspiration to stretch today! One day, Machine Gun, one day…..

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